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My Precious Pictures, Inc. is an independent film production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  With missions to produce character-driven, thought-provoking genre films that explore timely social themes, and to reach diverse audiences through innovative and meaningful marketing, promotional and distribution initiatives, My Precious Pictures intends to inspire, entertain and connect audiences around the world.

MPP is committed to working with writers and directors who understand that a film can be both critically and commercially successful without compromising creatively.  

When choosing projects, Rachelle follows the axiom: In order to inspire you must first educate; in order to educate you must first entertain.

MPPs model's powerful combination of genre storytelling and social impact makes for an incredible, meaningful and potentially lucrative investment opportunity for anyone who has ever been interested in investing in the most influential mediums in the world, TV and film. MPP is committed to maximizing the return for its investors while creating content of excellence. 

As former president of Women in Film and Television Vancouver and having taught students of all ages, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds locally and abroad, president Rachelle Chartrand is committed to hiring diverse talent at all stages of development in front of and behind the camera and providing an environment of inclusion on set and in all areas MPP does business.


Rachelle Chartrand is an award-winning screenwriter, producer and president of My Precious Pictures, Inc. as well as a cofounder and CEO of Ignite Worldwide Media, a new gene-driven, socially-conscious media company with an innovative online audience engagement platform. 

Rachelle was the creative producer of numerous short films, including a co-production shot in South Korea. Rachelle was also a producer on DOWNLOADED, a virtual reality narrative short film directed by Ollie Rankin and starring Tiera Skovbye (NURSES, RIVERDALE), which had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival (2019), the first ever BC-made VR project to be accepted; and was listed on Forbes' "The Top 50 XR Experiences Of 2019"

Now focusing on features and series, Rachelle is the proud producer of CHAINED, a Telefilm supported award-winning psychological crime thriller written and directed by Titus Heckel and starring  Aleks Paunovic (VAN HELSING, SNOWPIERCER, SEE) and rising star Marlon Kazadi (CHILD’S PLAY and the upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS 2020), along with Canadian Screen Award winning actor Adrian Holmes (star of the Bravo hit series 19-2 and the new Netflix series V WARS). CHAINED finished principal photography December 22, 2019 and is set to hit the festival circuit in the late spring/summer of 2020 with a theatrical run in 2021.

Rachelle is a former president of Women in Film and Television Vancouver (2012-2014) and past chair of the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (2013). She is a respected member of the Vancouver film industry having been invited to sit on numerous juries including three times for the Artistic Merit Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

In addition to her work in film and media, Rachelle is a published author. She has a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Physics and minor in Math, and has an eclectic teaching career as well.  


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To learn more about Investment Opportunities or to connect with Rachelle directly, please feel free to reach out! My Precious Pictures does not accept unsolicited scripts or project ideas at this time.

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A psychological crime thriller by award-winning writer/director Titus Heckel  starring genre favourite Aleks Paunovic (VAN HELSING, SNOWPIERCER, SEE) and rising star Marlon Kazadi (CHILD’S PLAY and the upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS 2020), along with Canadian Screen Award winning actor Adrian Holmes (star of the Bravo hit series 19-2 and the new Netflix series V WARS).   


An abused boy discovers and befriends a criminal chained inside an abandoned warehouse, but after a violent betrayal the abused becomes the abuser, putting both their lives in peril.

With its masterfully crafted script that explores the timely issues of abuse and bullying, and how toxic masculinity can be both the trigger and fuel for both, MPP is excited to share this profound, provocative story with the world and to create a conversation around these important issues.


- The script was a semifinalist in the 2018 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, the most competitive and prestigious competition in the world (

- The project and team were winners of the Telefilm sponsored JETS Program, an international coproduction and pitching competition held during the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival.

- The project has received Polish & Packaging development funding from the highly competitive Harold Greenberg Fund (Bell Media - Canada’s largest broadcaster).

- Recipient of the Project Development Fund Program grant from Creative BC.

- The project, along with producer Rachelle Chartrand, was one of 6 CDN features to be chosen for the Producers Lab at the 2018 Whistler Film Festival. Rachelle’s mentor EP was David Gross (ROOM, GOON).

- Recipient of Canada Feature Film Fund, Telefilm 2019.

- Broadcast license with Super Channel (first window)

- Broadcast license with Hollywood Suite (non-exclusive, second window)


On February 26th, Rachelle Chartrand will be presenting the teaser and an update at the awards brunch for the Telefilm and CMPA sponsored JETS Program, which takes place during the 2020 European Film Market/Berlin International Film Festival.

To view cast and crew behind the scenes pics and to stay in the loop, follow us on Instagram @mypreciouspictures 

Sample of media coverage:

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Globe and Mail (Interview with writer/director Titus Heckel)

I'm Here With Magazine Podcast - CHAINED Interview with Vancouver's award winning director, Titus Heckel

Kelowna Now: (includes video interview with Rachelle Chartrand)

A Film Set Took Over the Historic Kaleden Hotel


For media inquiries and interview requests for Titus and Rachelle, please contact:

Lilian Sue

CHAINED, Publicist





A paranormal sci-fi thriller that explores the power of life vs the pull of death for someone dealing with mental health issues. The original script was written from within the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC ( ).


After receiving a cryptic digital invitation, a computer programmer joins six other guests at a castle where their eccentric host informs them they are the sole descendants of a damned Scottish family and that they have until dawn to break the curse or be condemned to 'The Midway' for eternity.

The Shining meets Survivor.



9630 was written from within the Craigdarroch Castle, the legendary (and rumoured haunted) Victorian mansion, built between 1887 and 1890 on a hill overlooking Victoria, British Columbia. Much of the story’s plot was inspired by the layout of the castle as well as actual artefacts within. The climax of the film was written with the intent to be shot on the 2500-foot breakwater at Ogden Point in the Victoria port.




A dystopian sci-fi thriller written by the award-winning Titus Heckel, the story of THE TRUST could very well become reality one day soon. When it comes to the direction society is heading in regards to technology and media consumption, in many ways, we are in an existential tug-of-war where on one side we have the conscious and on the other, the complacent; both equally determined to fight for their stand. 

Through the main protagonist, PIPER CARAWAY, the film explores how the complacent can actually be complicit in the unfolding of a new form of slavery: that of our minds. It explores a world where the indifferent and apathetic aided in the loss of freedom that rebels and revolutionaries are fighting to get back. The scariest aspect of THE TRUST is that we presently are developing technology that, in the wrong hands, has the power and ability to literally steal ‘freedom of thought’ without us even knowing. Some would argue it has already begun. 


In the near, seemingly harmonious future, a pregnant government worker seeks to covertly sabotage and destroy the massive cloud-based wiki upon which the entire population bases its existence. But is she the one who has been deceived?


I wrote this story after the presidential election of 2016 and in response to the growing disappearance of agreed-upon sources of truth. I believe – as the Coen Brothers are wont to say – ‘This is a true story.’

                                                                                                                                                                                                             ~Titus Heckel





A dramatic thriller set in the high-stakes, male-dominated arena of scientific academia while taking a look at the growing physics pop culture phenomenon, 

Theory of Evelyn explores many provocative themes facing a young woman in world of academia. It is a new sandbox from which to explore the issues brought to light with the #metoo and #timesup movements while taking a look at the corruption that exists 'behind the curtain' of the venal world of academics, specifically that of physics.


Evelyn Arno, the Amy Winehouse of theoretical physicists.


A rock star physicist struggles to stay on the path to become a historical figure as her moral failings and celebrity aspirations undermine her pure passion for science.


Theory of Evelyn tells the story of the meteoric rise of a genius theoretical physicist on the cusp of a crucial coveted discovery. Evelyn’s independent and imaginative young mind has her destined for greatness, but her trailer park upbringing, shameful lifestyle and reactive personality endanger not only her theory and legacy, but also her life. 

Drawing on the personal passions and experiences of its creators and the growing fascination with physics worldwide, Theory of Evelyn promises to expose what many believe to be the last bastion of purity: science. 


Co-created by Rachelle Chartrand and Titus Heckel, the pilot episode Quarter-finalist - 2016 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition and the 2016 Script Pipeline Competition




The seen and unseen worlds of a quirky cursed coastal town are explored in this TWIN PEAKS meets THE LOVELY BONES mystery thriller where the paranormal interact with the living with sometimes humorous, yet often horrific, repercussions.

As our story unfolds, and it is revealed that the secrets of the characters are more frightening than the occult forces they are unknowingly subjected to, the twists and turns of the plot become darker and, well, more twisted, than the network of oak roots growing underneath the town.

What starts out as offbeat Coenesque dark humor turns King-style sardonic by series end. 

Based on The Vigilant: Schism, the first book of a five-part series written by the award-winning Marlayna Glynn Sanders.  


Avenge. Revenge. Till the end.


A ghastly murder throws an idyllic, yet idiosyncratic, coastal town into a frenzy as its living and non-living citizens attempt to unmask the killer.


When the decapitated head of town bully and billionaire heir Oren Kniffer is found atop Beetle Oaks’ town square flagpole, the horrific discovery sets Beth, a lingering sixteen year-old ghost, and a slew of other seekers, on individual quests to unveil the killer. Beetle Oaks is no stranger to mystery, but as the private lives of its citizens are investigated, it is soon revealed that no one is who or what they seem. 

The assumed culprit is eventually found and the town, seen and unseen, breathes a collective sigh of relief. But when the mutilated body of the charged psychopath turns up, it becomes evident that something far more sinister than a burgeoning vigilante serial killer is at work in Beetle Oaks. 

Is this grisly execution just another in the town's history of unsolved disappearances, or has someone or something more malevolent come of age? 




In addition to writing and directing CHAINED, the award-winning Titus Heckel is teaming up with Rachelle Chartrand on numerous other projects. Titus is also a cofounder and CDO of Ignite Worldwide Media. 


Titus is a multi-award-winning screenwriter having been a previous Quarterfinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship with his scripts CHAOS THEORY (2016) and HOLY SPIRITS (2014). Other feature and TV pilots have placed at the highest levels of the best competitions in the world including the Austin Film Festival screenplay competition and the LaunchPad Pilots competition. 

His directorial debut, WITH CHILD (2014), which he also wrote, was nominated for both the Best World Showcase at the SoHo International Film Festival and the Flash Forward Award at the Busan International Film Festival and was shortlisted for Critics’ Week at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. 

The Hollywood Reporter described it this way: “[It] displays a refreshing quirkiness bolstered by its clever screenplay, which features a multitude of funny one-liners.”

Titus’ expansive knowledge of story and film along with his wide-ranging education––including a degree in physics and a Master’s degree in theology––gives him a commanding range on the stories he tells. 

Projects in Development with My Precious Pictures

Other feature films in development include the multi-award-winning screenplays CHAOS THEORY,  HOLY SPIRITS as well as his newest script, a dystopian sci-fi thriller, THE TRUST as well as the series THEORY OF EVELYN, which was co-written/CO-created by Rachelle.  

Next up, though, is 9630, a paranormal sci-fi thriller set in the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC ( )



Marlayna originally hired Rachelle to write the pilot for the TV adaptation of her 5 book YA series THE VIGILANT, but the two quickly realized that their connection, mutual respect and creative vision for the characters and storyline were so aligned that they co-created the series together.  They are now co-owners of the copyright and have an exciting multimedia plan for the whole IP. 


Marlayna Glynn is an award-winning storyteller on page, film, and in photography and has won multiple awards. Her published journey includes writing and editing 45+ books that span genres including memoir, biography, thriller and business education. Her articles have been featured on Huffington Post, PBS Next Avenue, Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, and her work has been translated into many different languages. 


You can follow Marlayna on Instagram at @marlayna_glynn or vistit her website:




A hybrid live-action/game-engine interactive virtual reality narrative written and directed by Ollie Rankin and starring Tiera Skovbye (NURSES, RIVERDALE, ONCE UPON A TIME).


Inspired by the classic sci-fi film Tron and the recent Netflix series, Altered Carbon on the concept of digitizing the human mind to allow consciousness to be simulated by an algorithm, the virtual reality short film Downloaded explores that very premise. 

You, the viewer and your partner Lisa (Tiera Skovbye of Riverdale & Once Upon a Time) have built a machine known as the Atomizerator, but something has gone horribly wrong with the science experiment.

The digitization process has evaporated your body and transported your consciousness inside the computer, leaving you trapped and looking out to the outside world. Working together with Lisa, you must figure out how to reverse the process and go back to the real world. But beware-your actions hold the key to your escape and how Lisa will help you. So tread carefully, or you may not make it out alive.

Downloaded is an immersive combination of cinematic live action with photo-realistic real-time game engine graphics, in a headset based VR experience that gives every viewer a different narrative experience, depending on their actions. 


One of the first-ever VR narrative films, Downloaded is written and directed by Vancouver based VFX veteran, Ollie Rankin, known for his VFX work on The Lord of the Rings and Matrix franchises as well as Alice: Through the Looking Glass and The Good Doctor

The producing team of Ivan Hayden and Rachelle Chartrand along with executive producer Nancy Basi, Executive Director of Vancouver’s Film and Media Centre at the Vancouver Economic Commission, are dedicated to having Downloaded act as a showcase for Vancouver’s virtual reality, gaming, film and visual effects industries. 


First-in investor and collaborator Daniel Japiassu of YDreams Global explains why he believes Downloaded is the perfect showcase for virtual reality and an ideal investment in the future of Vancouver’s immersive industries:

“This project represents perfectly how Virtual Reality can be a revolutionary media for storytelling. By supporting this initiative we wanted to show that YDreams Global is part of this new movement of creative interactive narratives that allows the public to live an experience, not just watch it. We hope to work in many other projects with the brilliant team responsible for "Downloaded". Our plan is to offer the same format to our clients, as a powerful alternative for their brand´s marketing strategy.” 


Listed in Forbes' "The Top 50 XR Experiences Of 2019"

One of the first interactive VR  narratives, Downloaded, had its world premier at the Venice Film Festival (2019), the first ever BC-made VR project to be accepted, and was even nominated for the Fanheart3 Award.

Other screenings:

- VR VIFF Immersed - Vancouver International Film Festival (2019)

- Busan International Film Festival (2019)

Here are links to a sample of media coverage:

THE POWER HOUR: 60 Minutes to Change a View


An anthology of socially-themed genre short films. 

The Power Formula


By combining the three most influential ingredients of our era to act as a catalyst for meaningful, purposeful conversation and action, The Power Hour aims to be a springboard for real change.

The Power Plan

With award-winning writer/director, Titus Heckel, spearheading the creative side of the project, producer Rachelle Chartrand is teaming up with Vancouver's largest full-service marketing company to enlist purpose-driven brands to Executive Produce the films as well as to create a massive international audience engagement plan.

Once completed, audiences will be able to view the films online, individually or as part of the collective, and will be invited to discuss and debate the issues with the producers, filmmakers and brands involved with the project as well as create and activate plans of action.

These conversations will officially take place on a new interactive platform called THE STORY CLOUD, in addition to the usual social media and traditional media outlets.

The Power Films

From over 70 submissions from around the world, the selection committee has chosen nine finalists with the goal of producing a one-hour program.

GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSE by Michael Sieve (Shreveport, LA) 

HELPING TO FORGET by Scott Nelson (Lake Geneva, WI)

THE INDELIBLE MAN by Kris Southerton  (Vancouver, BC)

THE KITCHEN FLOOR by Rebecca Field (Vancouver, BC)

LADY JUSTICE by David Gonzalez (Barcelona, Spain)

NEWMERICO by Matthew Leigh (Vancouver, BC)

SAM JUAN ELS by Oliver Rankin (Vancouver, BC)

THANATOS by Jesse Charles Cowell (Vancouver, BC)

UGLY PROFILE by Martin Cox (Las Vegas, NV)

The Power Brands

If you are a brand that understands the power of storytelling and seeks to create and engage audiences, in particular, socially-minded millennials, in a meaningful conversation about the issues that matter most to them, please  contact us to learn more. We need you!